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What is the difference between Cold Press juices and others?
Cold Press is the name of the method that is used to get the juice out of the fruits and vegetables in a bladeless way without producing any heat and oxidation. It has been proven that Cold Press method gets more nutrition of the food compared to the ones obtained by a traditional method. In cold press method, the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables will be retained, oxidation and separation will be prevented and enzymes and nutrients will be protected close to their natural form. Cold Press method preserves the natural taste and nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables by minimizing the loss of nutrients. In this way, the taste of the juice is significantly tastier and more valuable. For more details you can visit our What is Cold Press page.
What makes Juice Up unique?
Juice Up team is trained in health coaching and juicing. According to your health status and taste preferences, we create great and nutritious juices customized for you. Juice Up has the widest range of juices. We can assure you that we have a juice that suits your taste and health condition. Juice Up products are available both in disposable BPA-free plastic bottles and in glass bottles. Juice Up sets have special alkaline waters to support your cleanse program. Juice Up, not only nourishes the body but also lifts your spirit. Juice Up mantra cards support the power of positive thinking. Customers health and satisfaction is our # 1 priority, therefore we follow you closely, listen to your suggestions, evaluate and implement. For more reasons you can visit our Why Juice Up page.
How much juice is in one Juice Up bottle?
All of our bottles contains 500 ml of juice. If you select from our shots menu, they are 50ml.
What is the shelf life of the juices?
Juices preserve their nutrition and freshness after 3 days of being bottled. You should consume your juice within 3 days of receiving it for the best quality. Suggested latest consumption date is stated at the back of the bottle.
How should I store my juices?
Take your juice out of the box and keep it in the refrigerator. Juices should be consumed within 3 days. After opening the bottle, keep it refrigerated and consume within 24 hours.
Plastic or Glass bottles?
Juice Up products are available both in disposable BPA-free plastic bottles and glass bottles. The choice is yours. If you are going to be mostly outside, during your cleanse, we suggest you to get the plastic ones, since they are lighter to carry. If you are going to stay at home, you can choose the glass ones.
Why my set price increases when I select “Glass bottle” option?
Because our glass bottles are returnable. For each bottle 1TL is added to your total amount. But don’t worry. When you return the bottles to us, we pay you back this amount as a discount coupon to be used on your next order.
Should I add alkaline water to my set?
In our opinion, “Yes”. When you select “add alkaline water” option, 2 special alkaline waters will be added to your set, one for the morning and one for the evening. WaterUp products in sets have 25% price advantage compared to single purchases.
Is buying as set more advantageous than buying as single?
Absolutely. Sets are offering up to 10% price advantage compared to single purchases, when added alkaline water their advantage increase up to 15%.We do not take delivery fee above 80TL.
Can I change the ingredients of the juices which contains nutrients that I am allergic to, or that I cannot consume?
Sure! If you let us know about your requests, we can change the ingredients just for you. You can write it to your order note during your ordering process or you can inform us by calling or sending an email.
What is the mantra card, how should I use it, what is the benefit of using the mantra card?
Mantra cards are a kind of affirmation cards. If you believe in the power of positive thinking, that means that you believe when you think positive, positive things will happen. What a coincidence, that is what we believe also :) For this reason we are sending you these affirmation cards, so you start to feel good, and live good. This mantra is to provide you the mind-body-soul balance and it will help you to find your inner peace. We recommend you to use this mantra when your body is calm, once when you wake up in the morning, and once in the evening before going to sleep. Repeat the mantra minimum 10 times each session, whether out loud or silently. In this way you will start the experience the power of positive thinking. Trust us on this! Affirmation period is normally 21 days. If you wish, you can continue to use them for 21 days, and afterwards you can use them whenever you need it.
Where is the mantra card located in the box?
We place the mantra cards on the interior part of the box, for minimum 1 day cleanse orders. It should be easily seen when you open the box. If you don’t see it at your first glance, please look into the box, maybe it fell down during delivery.
Do your products contain dairy, gluten or any animal products?
No, none of our products contain dairy, gluten or any animal products.
Some products contain Stevia and Agave as natural sweetener, are they really natural and healthy?
Both Stevia and Agave are 100% natural, herbal products. They don’t have any additives. Since they are much stronger than the regular sugar, we use a very small amount in our juices. You can review the details of these nutrients at our Nutrients page.
Isn’t it more beneficial to eat the fruit and vegetable rather than drinking since it contains fiber and pulp?
When you eat fruits/vegetables, the indigestible fiber will reduce the absorption down to 17% and it takes about 3-5 hours. But when you drink it, the absorption is increased up to 68% and it takes only 10-15 minutes. For more details you can check our Why Juicing page.
Although I buy the same juice, the colour and taste differs from time to time, why is that?
Actually we always use the same recipes. However, just like one apple’s taste is not exactly the same as another, the taste of our juices may differ in the same manner. It’s perfectly normal especially in different seasons.
After I while I observe separation in the juice, is that normal?
That’s totally normal. Our juices are 100% natural, there isn’t any protective or binding additives in it. Just shake a little bit, before you drink it, it will all be fine.
What will happen if I don’t consume the juices in the given order?
Nothing! :) We lined up the juices according to your possible daily routine, energy, vitamin and protein needs. But of course there is no one correct way for everyone. If you are more comfortable with a different order, just go for it ;)
For how many days should I cleanse?
It’s totally up to you, according to your lifestyle and needs. After a long period without a cleanse our recommendation will be a full 6 day cleanse, because in a 6 days program you will get rid of all the toxins and your energy level will be increased. Afterwards if you cleanse on a regular basis, 1 to 3 days programs will be enough. For more details you can review Cleanse Program page.
How often should I cleanse?
You can guess our answer. It’s up to you. You have probably noticed that we are trying to avoid categorizing people and making one right choice for everyone. Everybody is unique and everybody is different than the other. Some like to cleanse on a monthly basis, where some prefer to make once every 3 months. Or one may say once a year is enough for me. You will decide it according to your lifestyle and needs. If you ask for our opinion, our suggestion will be to apply a full 1 week cleanse twice a year, and follow a 1-3 days cleanses on a monthly basis. In between it will be great to consume juices as meal supports.
Which cleanse should I get?
We hesitate to say this, but it depends on you too. Ask yourself, what you are expecting from your cleanse experience. For an easy start you can start Deneyim- Experience cleanse, for a more intense cleanse you can use Gelişim- Evolution cleanse, and if you are a Juicing Master, who loves your greens, you can try our Değişim – Transformation cleanse. If you are exercising during your cleanse, you can try our Sportive cleanse, for superfood experiences you can try our Super Cleanse, or if you want need shape up immediately you can get our Bikini cleanse. If you are still not sure, you can take our mini Cleanse Test to find the right cleanse for you.
Can I work out during a cleanse?
Sure! But you have to remember that everyone is different and everybody's reaction will be different. Some will feel more energetic during cleanse, where some may feel more sluggish. Listen to your body and try to figure out, whether you want to keep yourself busy or you want to rest and relax. For more details on what to expect when cleansing you can visit our Cleanse Program page.
Will I be feeling tired during cleanse?
Actually this is depending on you too. However, the body is going through a change and it is normal to feel some differences. Cleanse program has its ups and downs until detoxifying is over. Our advice is to listen to your body again, and not to force it too much when it wants to rest. For more details, about what to expect during cleansing you can visit our Cleanse Program page.
I have lack of concentration and lots of headaches when I do a Juice Cleanse, what should I do?
Try to increase your water intake. These symptoms are usually seen by the people who have high sugar and coffee intake prior to the Cleanse program. We do not recommend caffeine intake during cleanse. However, if you consider yourself not awakened without drinking your morning coffee, or if there is a decrease in your work performance, you may consume 1 cup of coffee a day. If you think the symptoms you have, are not normal, or they are unbearable, terminate the cleanse program immediately, and if needed consult a doctor. For more details, about what to expect when cleansing you can visit our Cleanse Program page.
Who should avoid Juice Cleanses?
If you are pregnant or breast feeding consult your doctor first. It might be possible to consume the juices not as a cleanse program but as meal support. Our juices are not pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illnesses in little children, the elderly and persons with weakened immune systems. In some health situations consumption of some fruits or vegetables might be restricted. For example if you are allergic to some nutrients you should avoid them. If you are diabetic or if you have hypoglycaemia you should get your juices with your meals. If you have a health condition that requires prescription medication or special treatment, please consult your doctor before starting a cleanse program. Don’t forget, none of our Juice Up products are intended to diagnose, threat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Do the sets contain enough energy, vitamin, and protein for me?
The calories of our sets change between 700 and 1500Kcal. But here we do not like counting calories, and we do not like to put everybody in a same category. Don’t get stuck on these numbers. What’s more important than the calories is that our sets are full of Vitamin A, C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and they will cover your daily needs of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. All sets have more than 50% of daily protein value. Our sportive set is covering the daily protein value 100%.
I exercise on a regular base, can I cleanse without losing my muscles and power?
Our Sportive cleanse is prepared just for you. This set will provide you 100% of your daily protein needs and energy. This set is for our active, dynamic and excited customers who say “I can juice and workout at the same time”!
Will I lose weight during my cleanse?
Yes and No. According to the cleanse program you select, and your life style, detoxifying will lighten you after your cleanse. But don’t forget, juicing is not for losing weight, but being healthy. If you can follow a healthy nutrition program after your cleanse, you can easily be and stay fit.
Should I have to do something specific before I start my cleanse?
1-2 days before starting the program, it will be useful to increase your water intake and the consumption of fruits and vegetables. This will be also explained in much detail in an email you’ll receive from us after your order. For more details you can check our Cleanse Program page.
I just cannot stand by only drinking juice, can I eat something during my cleanse?
During the program, if you feel unbearable hunger, you can eat healthy snacks similar to your juice ingredients. These can be raw vegetables (salad will be ok), raw fruits and raw nuts. Try to avoid meat and dairy products, processed foods, sugar, and carbohydrates.
Can I smoke and drink alcohol during my cleanse?
We actually do not even use cigarette and alcohol words in the same sentence with cleanse. You can consume alcohol in your daily routine in a controlled manner as a social drinker. On cigarette topic, we are even against passive smoking. So we hope that you get the message :)
Will there be a difference in bowel movements during Cleanse?
Because of the high liquid intake, you may need to pee more than usual. You may notice differences especially on the 3rd and 4th days of your cleanse during the excretion of toxins, this will vary depending on what your body’s PH level is. You may also recognize colour changes to green and red if you have the juices that contain beet. That’s totally normal. But if you think it’s because of something else, or if its bothers you too much, you can stop the cleanse anytime you want, and consult your doctor.
Can I go back to my old nutrition style after cleanse?
This depends on your old nutrition style. It seems like it’s not that innocent since you are asking this question. You cannot say "I cleaned Hooray!" and jump into, desserts, pies, pastas etc.! Your stomach has rested, don’t exhaust it immediately. Like you did before you started your cleanse (if you have done it of course) you can slowly start adding solid foods to your meals. Continue to drink plenty of water. For more details you can check our Cleanse Program page.

If you say "I want to ask more" or " so many questions, but mine is not here", you can send us an email to [email protected] address or call us at 0212 270 70 45.
How can I order?
You can order easily from our website. You may also contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling us at 0212 270 70 45, and we will help you right away.
Can I order for any date I want?
Currently we take orders only on business days. We have delivery option for Saturday mornings. We do not deliver on Sundays and holidays. You can order earliest for the next 48 hours and latest for 3 weeks later. Each day, new days will be available for ordering. If the production limit of a day is exceeded, that day will not be selectable at the delivery date calendar. If you require different delivery dates for special reasons, please contact us, we will try to help you.
Do you deliver to any location?
We deliver to almost all locations in Istanbul (except ADALAR, ŞİLE and GEBZE) If you are not within our delivery locations, you can use pick up option. For special cases you may always contact us. We also deliver to other cities, in 600km distance to Istanbul. Free cargo on orders of 200 TRY and more.
Click here to check the list of the cities.

* We only deliver to center districts of marked cities.
What are the delivery hours?
Morning delivery hours are between 07:00-12:00 . If you need a specific delivery time, you can state it in your order note, we will try to accommodate your request.
What happens if I'm not at home during the delivery time?
There is no return or refund from undeliverable products. You can update your address, or direct somebody else to get your order. You can read our Return/Refund Policy for more details.
Can I come and pick up the order myself?
You can come and pick up your order, by selecting “Pick Up” option from delivery type during your order process. In this way, we can meet you in person, you may get the chance to taste our products and benefit from our pick up discount on your cleanse orders. If you will come by car, don’t worry, we have a 5 minutes pick up parking spot in front of our store.
What are the pick up hours?
Mornings pick up hours are between 08:30-13:00, evening pick-up hours are between 16:00-18:30.
Can I give you a bulk order? Is there a discount for bulk orders?
Sure! From our website you can order up to 10 units. For orders more than 10 units you can contact us via email at [email protected] or via phone at 0212 270 70 45. We will help you on group discounts.
Can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately there is no return/refund on perishable food orders. However, if you let us know minimum 2 days prior to the delivery date, we can shift your order to any other date within one month. You can read our Return/refund policy for more details.
What are the available payment methods?
Currently our payment methods are Credit Card, Money Transfer and GarantiPay. For money transfers you can find our bank details below. We do not accept Cash on Delivery (COD)

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