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Juices are not all created equally...

Actually there is a Juice, and there is a Cold Pressed Juice.

If you are wondering what Cold Press is, let us try to explain it in short and plain. Cold Press is the name of a method used to get the juice out of the fruits and vegetables in a bladeless way without producing any heat and oxidation. It has been proven that Cold Press method gets more nutrition of the food compared to the ones obtained by a traditional method.
During Cold Press process, no blades are used, and juices of the fruits or vegetables are extracted by chewing and mashing movements of the machine. Since it’s very similar to chewing, Cold Press machines are sometimes called also as "Masticating" machines. In this way, by masticating in a very low speed, there will be no heat or oxidation and all the vitamins and minerals of the food will be preserved. In this system, the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables will be retained, oxidation and separation will be prevented and enzymes and nutrients will be protected close to their natural form. Cold Press method preserves the natural taste and nutritional value by minimizing the loss of nutrients. In this way, the taste of the juice is significantly tastier and more valuable.
Traditional Juicer (Centrifugal Juicer) cuts the fruits and vegetables with a knife in a high speed and produces heat during this process. The heat and blade stabs in this process, will reduce the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

Even if you drink the juice from a centrifugal juicer immediately, the nutrition facts will be much less than the Cold Pressed juice, since the oxidation has started with the first touch of the blade. Colour and flavour change due to the oxidation can be easily observed when you wait for a short time.

Juices obtained from a Cold Press Juicer, are much more nutritious, as well as much tastier. Cold Pressed juices, protect the freshness without oxidation up to 3-5 days since air is not mixed to the juice during the process.

Cold Press machines nowadays preferred in juicing therapies, where vegetable juices are used for the treatment of diseases, because of their high vitamin, mineral and enzymes values and for their longer consumption time. (See. Gerson Therapy)

Below you can see the results of some tests conducted in this area.
According to the results of food tests conducted between Cold Press and Centrifugal Juicers, Cold Press machines provided 42% more vitamin C, 60% more Vitamin A, and 35% to 50% more juice quantity.