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Before you start
3-5 days prior to your cleanse program, start to add vegetables, greens to your meals, as much as possible, which will help you to balance the PH of your body. The higher alkaline level of the body, the less the discomfort of toxin excretion. If you drink lots of coffee, better to start to decrease it too. In this way you will minimize the possible headaches during your detox.
possible headaches during your detox. If possible please avoid the mood such as, "I am going clean anyway, now let’s get dirty all the way!" Drink plenty of water!
How you start to cleanse
When you get the miraculous Juice Up drinks, first place them in the fridge. If you selected morning delivery start your cleanse program immediately in the morning. For the evening deliveries, you can start the next morning.
The caps of the bottles are marked from 1 to 6 as a guidance of drinking order. If you added alkaline waters to your set, the morning water bottle will have the picture of “sun” on the cap, and the evening water bottle will have the picture of “moon” on the cap. If you have additional waters, their cap will have the picture of a “water drop”.
You can change the order of juices according to your own preferences, there won’t be any problem. Recommended drinking times are as follows. Meal times can be adjusted according to your own daily routine. It is suggested to leave 2 hours between each juice. We advise, if possible, go to sleep latest by 23: 00.

08:30 09:00 11:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 19:00 22:00 23:00

In the box, you will find the mantra card that you have selected during your order process. (mantra cards are only for set orders, if you didn’t pick a number then we select for you) This mantra is to provide you the mind-body-soul balance and it will help you to find your inner peace. We recommend you to use this mantra when your body is calm, once when you wake up in the morning, and once in the evening before going to sleep. Repeat the mantra minimum 10 times each session, whether aloud or silently.

During the program, if you feel unbearable hunger, you can eat healthy snacks similar to your juice ingredients. These can be raw vegetables (salad will be ok), raw fruits and raw nuts. Try to avoid meat and dairy products, processed foods, sugar, and carbohydrates.
Don’t be bothered or don’t be sad, because of the snacks, or if the juice times shifts a bit and never think that your program is ruined. It will work anyway, no worries. The last thing we want is, that you feel miserable during the program. Whatever you do, enjoy it! Continue to the program, juicing is better than not drinking it at all. And be proud of yourself for doing such a great thing for yourself and your body and be happy!
If you feel bad during juicing, and you think the effects are not normal terminate the program immediately. If needed, consult your doctor.
What will happen to me during a 1 week cleanse program
During your cleanse program, you may need to change some of your daily routines. Especially during the first days, go easy on yourself. You may want to rebel at the beginning, but at the end of the program, the results will worth it. Just don’t lose your confidence!

Day 1

You may feel a bit tired and hungry on the first day. That’s perfectly normal. Today try not to exhaust yourself too much physically. If you had coffee and cigarette consumption before cleanse, you can have some headaches and may feel lack of concentration. Actually, these are the deceptive effects of caffeine and tobacco, it will return back to normal after a while of their absence. You may feel a bit cold, especially at finger tips.

Day 2

The body is still trying to adapt to your new nutrition style. But do not worry, it will adapt soon. Today, you can still feel tired and hungry like the first day or maybe a little bit more. You may feel a little stressed or depressed. Rather than adapting to the new style, the brain is trying to return to old one and may try to play you mind games. You may start questioning why you started to cleanse, may think that there will be no harm of eating this or that etc. Do not be fooled. Do not worry, all will pass. Your body started to detoxify. Occasional sweating will be also normal. You can walk outdoors to get rid of the stress and discomfort. And one tip for the mind tricks: “These aren’t the foods that you are looking for ;)”

Day 3

Today, we have one good and one bad news for you. The good news is, today, feeling of hunger will start to decrease, the body gets used to the new nutrition system and energy will begin to rise again. The bad news is that the removal of the toxins from the body may make you a little more emotional. These days, try to avoid emotional, compelling situations that require big decisions.

Day 4

The feeling of hunger should now be almost vanished. Emotional mood can continue a little more. Activities like shower, steam bath, brushing may speed up the elimination of toxins. You are soo close to regain your strength back, hang in there!

Day 5

You may still feel like you felt on Day 4. But you must know that today is a turning point in the program. Starting Day 4, you going to rise up. Energetic than before, you will begin to feel happier and better.

Day 6

Energy continues to rise, the body's healing. Today your skin will start to shine and you will feel much better. This will be so obvious, people will wonder what you have done (it’s up to you to share your secrets). You're about to get rid of all the toxins from your body!

Day 7

And finally you did it!!! You are free from toxins. Now your body is eased, perception of the mind is increased, your mind, body and soul is balanced. You improved the quality of your life. Now you can enjoy it. See you in the next cleanse program ...
Activities that support your cleanse
Below is the list of recommended activities to support your cleanse. Apply as many as you can, to get a higher efficiency from the program. Insider tip! :)

1) Do the Right Cleanse

First of all, select the right cleanse program. Our mini cleanse test can help you on this.

2) Detox and Steam Bath

During your cleanse, steam bath will help you to detoxify. You can try it in your own bath, by adding 1-2 cup sea salt, Epsom salt, or any salt with magnesium to your water and rest around 10-15 minutes.

3) Sauna

15-20 minutes in the sauna will speed up the cleaning process.

4) Brushing

While dry body brushing opens the pores of the skin, it helps to sweat. It also helps blood circulation, and cleans the cells. Brushing would be more effective after the steam or sauna.

5) Massage

Massage during the cleanse, will relax you and if you have headaches or other disturbing detox symptoms it will help them to pass, and will also accelerate the excretion of toxins.

6) Breathing

Breathing is what you get out of life, and exhaling is what you give to life. Breathing right, is almost equivalent to living right. Deep breaths from the diaphragm, will help you to relieve depressive and negative emotions and it will heal traumas and negativity in the subconscious mind.
After your cleanse
The last days of the program you may have dreamed of the food you can eat the next day. This is perfectly normal. Usually and interestingly, you do not want to eat them next day. You may miss your juices. This will be also perfectly normal. If you want, you can order Juice Up anytime :)
But if you want to eat at once, please do it slowly and don’t shock your body. Let us warn you first! You cannot say "I cleaned Hooray!" and jump into, desserts, pies, pastas etc.! Your stomach has rested, don’t exhaust it immediately. Like you did before you start your cleanse (if you have done of course) you can slowly start adding solid food to your meals. If you ask for our opinion, we say try to avoid sugar, and carbs as long as you can! But that's life, of course there will be occasions that you cannot avoid them, so at these times, when you eat them, chew them nicely, enjoy it and leave it after you get the joy of its taste. You do not need to finish it all! :) And do not forget! How much healthy food you add to your dish, there will remain less space for unhealthy ones. Stay fit by not reducing meals, but by increasing healthy meals! Also, do not forget to cleanse your body periodically.
Watch the video of 1 week Cleanse Experience of a Juice Up fan (in Turkish)