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    Juice Up - Coldpress1) At Juice Up, freshest and most natural vegetables and fruits are selected carefully. The non-organic nutrients are cleaned with high alkaline water (pH 11+), so nothing else but only the health remains on them.
    Juice Up - Coldpress2) Juice production is made with cold press machines in a bladeless way without producing any heat, to get the maximum yield and vitamins of the vegetables and fruits.
    Juice Up - Coldpress3) All water used in Juice Up products is alkaline (pH 9,5+) and helps to protect PH balance of the body.
    Juice Up - Coldpress4) In order to ensure maximum benefits of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, fruits and vegetables are used mostly whole and shelled. Ceramic knives are used where peeling or cutting is needed.
    Juice Up - Coldpress5) Juice Up sets have special alkaline waters to support the cleanse program. These waters, help detoxify and balance the body's PH level. It also increase the amount of water intake during the day. Their taste is also spectacular ;)
    Juice Up - Coldpress6) At Juice Up, there are juices with "Superfoods". These are increasing the "Juicing" effect to 10 tiger’s power :)
    Juice Up - Coldpress7) Juice Up products are available both in disposable BPA-free plastic bottles and in glass bottles. The choice is yours.
    Juice Up - Coldpress8) Juice Up team is trained in healthy eating and juicing. According to your health status and taste preferences, they create great and nutritious juices customized for you.
    Juice Up - Coldpress9) Juice Up team care a lot about healthy living. They do their job with passion, follow the customers closely, consider their proposals, evaluate and implement.
    Juice Up - Coldpress10 ) Juice Up team is doing their job with love, and therefore in every juice, there is love, happiness and energy. Juice Up, not only nourishes the body but also the spirit to be healthy and happy. Juice Up mantra cards support the power of positive thinking.

Juice Up - Coldpress