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1 I have tried Juicing Cleanse programs before.
2 Overall, I live a healthy lifestyle.
3 I exercise min 2 days a week.
4 I am at my ideal/around my ideal weight.
5 I don’t smoke.
6 I have very limited consumption of alcohol.
7 I drink 2 litters of water a day.
8 I avoid drinking sugar or caffeine containing drinks like black tea, coffee, cola, and soda.
9 I avoid eating carbs like pasta, bread etc.
10 I avoid eating sugar and processed foods.
11 I do not eat fast food, try to eat home-cooked meals even when I am eating outside.
12 I eat salad at least at 1 one my meals.
13 I do not combine protein (meat, chicken, and fish) with carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes).
14 I prefer fruits over sugar added deserts.
15 If I over eat one day, I'll be more careful and balance it on next day.