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There is no return option for delivered products. Juice Up order cancellations or any change requests, should be sent minimum 3 working days before the date of delivery until 17:00 PM.
In case of cancelation, there won’t be any refund. The total amount of the order may be given to you as a discount coupon to be used within 6 months, if the request is sent during required time period mentioned above.
Cancelation or any change requests should be sent written via mail to Juice Up to the [email protected] e-mail address. Juice Up will confirm the requests again via e-mail. If you don’t receive a confirmation mail about your request, there won’t be any cancelation or a change in your order.
If you don’t receive a confirmation mail from Juice Up upon your request, please contact Juice Up from 0212 270 70 45 phone number to follow your request. Otherwise, Juice Up will not be responsible. Tracking and confirmation of the requests is under customer’s liability.